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Allen Thompson

Associate Principal, Denver

“Computers and automation help us be efficient and creative in our line of work, but at the end of the day, you need trained engineers who have the full skill set to make substantial structural design."

Allen is the type of guy who will help out a friend’s home project by showing up with a box of tools. He credits his father for his pro-active work ethic. His early talent led him to pursue studies and a career in architectural engineering and structural engineering. Allen is a technical resource for all types of structural framing and foundation systems, but his specialty is in steel construction systems. He has seen how the steel construction industry evolved in the last 30 years, and has kept up with the latest project implementation methods which offer flexibility and buildable outcomes. 

Allen’s favorite part about his profession is the collaboration opportunities. He likes to come to the table with other experienced team members to coordinate solutions for the client. He takes great satisfaction when the entire team sees the value in the engineering design.

  • Where is your hometown?
    Silverthorne, Colorado
  • What is your favorite historical architecture?
    The Chrysler Building
  • If you weren't an engineer, what would you be?
    A professional mountain bike racer.

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