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Erik Pearson


Principal, Seattle

Most problem solvers think like an engineer. They enjoy getting a sense of how buildings perform structurally and appreciate the physical reality of a design. It’s satisfying to see the basics of structural engineering prevail, even as products, technology, and materials evolve.”

Erik’s early love for Legos nurtured his grown-up interest in designing and building physical environments. He became an essential team player for the firm in 2013 and developed his knowledge of steel and concrete design, particularly for high-rise construction. Erik has established client and contractor relationships while successfully completing commercial projects along the West Coast. He has collaborated in the structural design for high-rises, hospitals, parking garages, office buildings, and tenant improvements. Erik has taken his project management experience to mentor engineers in training about the building design process.

  • Where is your hometown?
    Edmonds, Washington
  • What was your favorite class in college?
    Materials testing. We were able to use large machines to break stuff.
  • What is your favorite place or building in Seattle?
    I love the Seattle Center, the cool World's Fair structures, the fountain and the performing arts buildings offer activities for both kids and adults.