Hanna Saed Headshot

Hanna Saed


Associate, Seattle


“DCI provides a type of partnership where clients fully trust us, reaching out to us to provide our recommendations.”

Since there’s no distinct career path with being a mathematician, Hanna chose the next best thing – engineering! It was a solid move as Hanna has provided structural design solutions for several distinct Seattle area projects since joining the firm in 2017. One of those include 303 Battery, a 15-story apartment building that used a proprietary modular system and is hailed as the most sustainable apartment project in the world.

Prior to joining DCI, Hanna worked for a couple overseas firms, in which he started as a site engineer; but his curiosity in structure design won and he made the switch to work on both.

Where is your hometown?
Amman, Jordan

What is your favorite place, building or built environment where you live?
It must be 303 Battery. It’s very unique in exterior shape that it’s distinguishable from all other buildings.

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Petra in Jordan – I’m amazed with how they managed to build and carve this huge structure with little technology and tools at the time.