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Lisa Auth

BIM Project Manager, Seattle

BIM designers are the link between the art and the science of building creation. Creating quality 3D models facilitates good communication for everyone involved."

Lisa’s influences in career choice came from her parents. Her mother was an artist and her father was a mechanical engineer. It’s no wonder she became a visual and technical person. Lisa devoted 35+ years of design and detailing experience in the AEC, mining, energy, biofuels, and fabrication industries. Lisa has a natural desire to understand design intent and built environments when approaching her work in drawing production and 3D modeling. Not shy in communicating with anyone, she brings value to project documentation and models with clear visuals and informative, detailed perspectives of building interfaces and components.

Lisa’s portfolio includes a variety of project types, such as industrial, commercial, and multi-family residential buildings. Her most notable work at DCI includes the 303 Battery high-rise in Seattle, a Sustainable Living Innovations project with prefabricated floor and wall panels, and integrated MEP components.

What is the most rewarding experience about working at DCI?
The people. DCI has a corporate culture that encourages growth as well as a good work/life balance.

What is the most interesting thing about the BIM process?
In a nutshell, BIM is fun! I have always been amazed by human invention and new toys. The invention of BIM - and whatever comes next – is really exciting to me.

How will BIM/CAD continue to be relevant in the industry?
The future of BIM will likely progress further into augmented reality and virtual reality in ways we cannot know. The infrastructure is already set up to expand in all facets