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Senior Project Manager, Seattle

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When I’m not engineering at the office, I enjoy spending my free time studying architecture.”

While growing up in Montana, Luke was always on hand to help his father or a family member with home renovations. He was comfortable around construction sites and learned the most while working on real projects. He studied structural engineering when he discovered architect majors at his school were taking art classes instead of learning how to build. When he arrived at DCI, he already had years of wood detailing experience. Luke naturally became the primary engineer for single-family and multi-family residential wood projects, then extended his design skills in high-rise, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, and tenant improvement work.

Luke is adept at designing for efficiency and detailing framing systems with constructability in mind. He is familiar with jurisdictional permit package requirements for buildings constructed in the Pacific Northwest and California – giving him keen insight on producing quality engineering solutions and documentation for clients.

Where is your hometown?
Butte, Montana.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
I love architecture and would enjoy being an architect. Customizing street rods and muscle cars would also be a dream job.

What is your favorite architectural style?
Streamline art deco.