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Manuel Nuno

Associate Principal, Denver

“Being a civil engineer gives us the ability to impact society on a more personal level. Our work directly impacts the livelihood of everyone around us. Civil engineering at its core is about bringing valuable resources to society, whether it's fresh water, transportation, or waste collection."

Since joining DCI Engineers in 2012, Manuel "Manny" Nuno has established himself as a vital part of the firm's success. He has applied his innate attentiveness to efficient design and construction in a wide variety of projects ranging from high-rise to retail to hospitality projects.

Manny's work ethic and customer service philosophy is evident in his ability to manage multiple projects while devoting himself to each client equally. He keeps clients' needs in mind throughout the design process, maintaining constant lines of communication and constantly striving to find efficiencies that save time and money.

  • What would you say structural civil engineers contribute in the grand scheme of things?
    Civil engineers are the backbone of growth in our society. Unlike many other professions, our designs are used by every person every day and our job is to provide the critical infrastructure in a seamless fashion. The sign of a good civil engineering design is when no one notices it is there.
  •  From your perspective, how does DCI bring value to a client's project?
    DCI is all about customer service and client satisfaction. While DCI's staff is knowledgeable and extremely talented, we differentiate ourselves by our willingness to adapt to, communicate with, and serve our clients better than anybody.
  • What is the most interesting phase in the civil design process?
    The most interesting part of design is taking a barren piece of land and visualizing how to shape the earth into something that the client can use. During the civil design, we get to carve mountains, control rainwater, and imagine how to transform a piece of dirt into a modern development.

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