Rick Carnahan website

Rick Carnahan

Senior BIM Project Manager, Seattle

The tools of drafting are fluid – you never stop learning new processes or programs. Drawings have evolved from hand drafted ink on mylar to 3D smart models letting building owners keep up to date with the life cycle of the building. A draftsman never stops developing skills.”

After going to trade school for architectural drafting, Rick started his hand drafting career as an architecture intern. With a genuine interest in software innovation, he built up 36+ years of drafting experience in the AEC industries. His design insight in developing efficient drawings and 3D models drove him to help generate CAD procedure manuals and document standards for the firm. Rick oversees drawing production quality and project priorities.

How do BIM designers contribute to DCI projects?
The production of quality documents.

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
Opportunities to collaborate with all groups. The people at DCI and the variety of projects I get to work on.

What is your favorite class in school?
Gym. Welding is a close second.