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Robert Léger


Associate, Portland

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Engineers are driven to be problem-solvers. The best part of my job is coming up with creative, innovative solutions to challenging problems. Another highlight is collaborating at work to share ideas with peers, clients, and subcontractors. It’s so rewarding to be around good, talented people. We can all learn from our past design and project experiences.”

Robert loves talking about engineering. From computer programs to utility designs to land surveying, he enthusiastically lists facts on how civil engineering will always be relevant in the future. His extensive knowledge about the Portland metro area has been an asset to the DCI team. His portfolio at the firm has grown to include high-density residential, senior living, institutional, and associated public works in the adjacent right-of-way. Robert’s depth of experience guides him in distinguishing between good civil engineering plans from bad ones. He consults with Principal Damon Smith on project management best practices and developing his technical expertise.

Outside of the office, Robert is a member of the Portland chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Through the organization, he travelled to Les Anglais, Haiti to teach local volunteers how to safely maintain tablet-fed water chlorinators designed to treat a spring-fed water distribution system.

Where is your hometown?
Tucson, Arizona.

Who is your engineering hero?
Leonardo da Vinci.

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence?
The honeybee hives in my backyard.

Favorite projects

Milwaukie El Puente Elementary For Vault

Milwaukie El Puente Elementary School Renovation