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Robert MacIntosh


Principal, Wilmington

I love to solve problems – Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, cryptograms, brain teasers. Then, there’s combining problem solving with math, drawings and construction that is our trade by nature. By never settling for ‘cookie cutter’ solutions, but instead developing tailored engineering designs specific to each project… well, that makes for a very rewarding career.”

Born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area, Bob MacIntosh has been heavily vested in the region’s growth and development. With his firm MacIntosh Engineering (established in 1999) joining DCI in 2022, Bob brought on a team of dedicated engineering and design professionals that prioritize service for their clients throughout the mid-Atlantic. It’s the cornerstone of Bob’s engineering principles and what guides the Wilmington, DE and Wayne, PA groups daily.

Part of that dedication to service includes Bob’s favorite step in a project, which is that first meeting between the architect and engineer. He enjoys the collaboration that takes place and the structural concepts that emerge in response to the architectural design.

In addition to providing solutions for thousands of projects over the past few decades—many of which include significant historical restorations—Bob’s commitment to the industry has also been recognized by his peers, as he was awarded Drexel University’s Dragon Exemplar Award in Spring 2022.

What would you name an engineering superhero?
Iron Man and The Man of Steel are taken, so maybe “Forcefield.”

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Philadelphia’s City Hall for its impact when it was constructed, its central location, its role in the City’s identity and its staying power as the city’s tallest building for 93 years (and tallest building in the world from 1894 to 1908!).

What is your dream project location?
Probably Italy. It would be fun to collaborate with the skilled tradespeople there.