Fifteen Fifty

Fifteen Fifty

A San Francisco First: Mixed-use towers with PBD concrete shear wall system

Located in a major thoroughfare of downtown is the dual-use office and residential tower complex, Fifteen Fifty. Fifteen Fifty incorporates new buildings with the existing façade of the former Coca Cola Bottling Plant. Part of a 14-square block area, Fifteen Fifty reimagines the urban intersection as a bustling workplace for professionals and home to city dwellers. The complex includes a 39-story tower with 984 residential units and a 16-story office tower, where the San Francisco Planning, Building, and Public Works Departments are now located. Fifteen Fifty makes the Van Ness corridor into a destination, thus amenities include subterranean parking, retail space, sky gardens, a central plaza, playground, and pedestrian connections.

DCI Engineers applied Performance Based Design (PBD) methodology to achieve the most efficient design possible for Fifteen Fifty by using high-strength (80 KSI) reinforcement in the vertical steel of the shear wall boundary elements. As a result, more than $1,000,000 worth of reinforcing was eliminated from the material cost (since the amount of reinforcing needed was reduced by 1/3). DCI is the first engineering firm in the City of San Francisco to utilize high-strength reinforcing for this purpose in the U.S.

Project Highlights

  • Both towers contain Performance Based Design (PBD) lateral concrete shear wall systems with Grade 80 vertical reinforcement developed by DCI Engineers. Fifteen Fifty is the first development built with these systems in a high-seismic U.S. region
  •  The office tower was constructed with large floor plates, as desired by the City of San Francisco.
  • The shape of the tower, tower rotation, canopy shape, and landscaping layout were designed and arranged to meet San Francisco’s wind ordinance.
  • Fifteen Fifty integrates a historic clock tower and building façade from the existing Coca-Cola building.
  •  Subterranean parking levels comprises of 256 stalls.
San Francisco, California
Square Feet: 
39, 16
High Rise

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